Queensland Roads - M1

M1, Bruce Highway

All photos are northbound in the fading twilight.

Exit numbers retrofitted to some older signs. You can make out the M1 patch over an NH 1 shield in the first photo.

Under Kiel Mountain Road in Kiels Mountain. This was originally Kiel's Mountain. Australia drops either the apostrophe or the entire possessive from former place names (much like the USGS), as is its wont, but leave it to QLD to do both.

Mt. Eerwah rises in the distance. But it's only 403 metres tall, so not too much distance.

When you're driving on the left, the red reflectors should be on the right. This is backwards and theoretically dangerous - am I driving in the wrong carriageway? Turns out I am, but it's intentional. The Bagnalls Rd. and Mary River Rd. overpasses show that there is supposed to be a separate NB carriageway to the left. Since 2013, the Cooroy bypass has been filled in by a full freeway and now the red reflectors make sense - but they should not have been installed before then.

The sun has already set, but now I can see it. The last photos are around Traveston Rd. If you look closely, I mooned you (but just a crescent).

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