Queensland Roads - Kurilpa Br. Brisbane

Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane

Looking southwest from downtown Brisbane, this is as graceful as the Kurilpa Bridge gets. You can see the chaos already beginning in the background, an architect's paradise and an engineer's nightmare.

From the riverbank, the bridge almost looks orderly. Then you look closer. Some of those cables have to have been tied to the wrong towers, right?

Fortunately for the pedestrian or bicyclist, most of the disorder is hidden by tall fences and a roof intended to shield you from all sorts of weather, falling ice, and views of the bridge.

Seriously, what kind of twatmuffin puts this kind of security fencing across an entire bridge so that you can't possibly take any photographs of anything good-looking, like this nice M3 freeway? Pardon the language, but you shouldn't be exposing your kids to this bridge to begin with.

Don't look up or you may need to use Australia's socialised medicine to find mental health services. The people at the bottom of the second photo were stuck there, paralyzed with emotions no human should have to feel.

I finally make it far enough across where the stupidity suicide fence has ended, and I can look west at the William Jolly Bridge and the Merivale Bridge (rail) behind it.

Even so, don't forget, you're still on the Torn Fishnet Bridge, so here's some of the netting that intruded upon the left side of my photo (looking west on the north side of the bridge).

Looking southeast at the Victoria Bridge and east at the M3 Riverside Expwy. along the base of the Brisbane skyline. It's all so pretty, you may forget how ugly the place you're standing is.

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