Queensland Roads/Non-Roads - Fingerboard Rd.

Fingerboard Road, Miriam Vale-Taunton

At either end of Fingerboard Rd., we have A1 errors. At the west end (Larson St. in Miriam Vale), "A1" is supposed to be printed on the background, not in a NH shield. At the east end (Tableland Rd. NB), the shield is outdated for such a new-looking sign. NH 1 was converted to A1 in the early 2000s.

Larson St. WB before getting to A1.

WB approaching Miriam Vale with the Many Peaks Range in the distance. They have so many peaks, none of them are named.

Northward views of Dromedary Mountain, whose main peak is featured in the second photo. (The one on the right of the first photo is much shorter but also closer to the road.)

Finishing the page where I started: Tableland Rd., looking west toward the Gwynne Range, then a view of North Gwynne just after turning onto Fingerboard Rd.

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