Queensland Roads - Old NR Bus. 1 Mackay

Former NR Business 1, Mackay

I wouldn't have known this road existed if not for this lone straggling sign, predating the alphanumeric system of the early 2000s. While the mainline was a National Highway, this former alignment was not, so it took on the white NR banner.

NR Bus. 1 continued through Mackay and turned west onto Malcomson St., at least as near as I can tell. (Documentation in QLD is about as good as signage.) Speaking of poor signage, the NH A1 shield at Mackay Bucasia Rd. is incorrect. This is just A1, even though A1 is still a National Highway. Confused? So is QLD DOT.

The sign on Mackay Bucasia Rd. SB (carrying the end of former Bus. 1 NB) is wrong in a unique way, at least one I didn't come across anywhere else in my travels: they just patched the A1 straight over the numeral 1, leaving the shield outline.

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