Queensland Roads - Bundaberg

Bridges of Bundaberg

Starting out on the 1899 Kennedy Bridge, Bourbong St. WB over Bundaberg Creek. Is it just me, or is the bridge tilted to the left a little? Maybe that's why they're fixing it up.

A look back east at the Kennedy.

Aviation pioneer Bert Hinkler, an early solo and trans-oceanic pilot, is honored at the southeast corner of the Burnett Bridge.

The 1899 Burnett Bridge, a critical link between Bundaberg North and Bundabergs West, South, and East. (The neighborhood namers took the day off.)

Heading north across the Burnett River on the eponymous bridge.

Some more views of the Burnett Bridge from the north shore to the west.

Looking west from the Burnett Bridge at the 1891 Burnett River Railway Bridge, the first historic bridge in Bundaberg.

Gorge yourself on more railway bridge views from the north shore.

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