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Title this "the one time I needed my windscreen not to reflect sunlight," since I'm sure this is gone now. Metroad 3 is now A3, NB at Newmarket Rd. in Windsor.

Rode Rd. WB and somewhere along SR 40 north of SR 22. The 27 shield is a rare example of arrows below the shield in Australia, but if you're going to find a rare example of any sign, it's probably in QLD.

North Quay EB turning onto Turbot St., former NH 1 and then becoming NR Alt. 1 when M1 was built to the east of downtown (probably 1997 when the entire Gateway Motorway opened, but possibly up to 10 years earlier).

The Inner City Bypass heads east from the end of M3 at M7, connecting into SR 25 at the Hamilton border. This short tunnel exists to preserve the waterfront view from the 1890 Breakfast Creek Hotel. And let's be clear, there's not much to see there. It's just about rich people threatening to hold up road works.

Margaret St. NB at Edward St.

Saving the best for last, at Stephens Lane on the old Government Printing Office building, then on George St. on the old Bank of NSW.

M7, Ipswich Mwy.
Metroad 2
SR 10, William Jolly Br.
SR 15, Story Br.
SR 20, Walter Taylor Br.
SR 26, Hornibrook Br.
SR 95
Kurilpa Br.
Victoria Br.
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