Queensland Roads - A6/NH A2

and A6/NH A2, Flinders Highway

All photos were taken westbound except one over my shoulder.

Looking south at a railway crossing of the Burdekin River.

Mount Isa is past the end of A6 and should be in parentheses as well. Okay, you don't have to turn off the route to get there. Is that part of the criteria? Does QLD use criteria? I'm informed that each region of QLD DOT is highly independent, so maybe not.

A pair of patched signs at Rainbow Rd. in Charters Towers, the second on Rainbow Rd. EB. A6 used to be NR 78, hence the square patch. Less okay is coopting a NH shield to patch the identically shaped NR shield. This isn't NH A6, unlike NH A2. This is what QLD gets for being confusing in general.

Signs of days past. The arrow is a relic from NR 78, the phone booth is a relic from... wait, I mean the Caltex sign is a relic (though Caltex still exists, but who uses phone booths?), and the old white signs at SR 18 in Torrens Creek are obviously relics.

Through Prairie. The last two photos are at Prairie Muttaburra Rd.; the old white signs face EB traffic. You know you're in the wilderness when a road in a downtown just has a stop sign at railway tracks.

From 20 km out into Hughenden. At least the NH A6 shield doesn't say NATIONAL inside this time, but still no credit.

Another creative way to get it wrong. NR 78... not NR A6.

From 100 km out to the outskirts of Richmond.

WB and the one EB photo in Julia Creek. The patch is super obvious here. The NR 84 is an error, and clearly a very old one.

You usually don't get reassurance markers by kilometre posts, or at all. 60 km to Cloncurry and the end of A6.

WB at the NH A2 junction. Can you tell this used to be just NH 2? Can they manufacture patches in different sizes?

It seems like less than 14 km, but then again the Hughenden kilometre post was probably less than 20 km from downtown as well. NH A2 and A6 march together into Cloncurry, to a unique warning sign for a railway crossing ahead. The train sign is standard, the red triangle is not.

Continuing west through town to the official end of Flinders Highway and A6 at NR 83. There is no reason why A6 couldn't have ended back at the eastern NH A2 junction, except the Flinders Hwy. name continues this far. (So change the name? Do these 14 km matter that much?) It also does not make sense to show A6 on the distance sign exiting Cloncurry, since A6 goes basically nowhere.

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