Queensland Roads - NH A2

NH A2, Barkly Highway

All photos were taken westbound.

NH A2 WB joins A6 from here west to Cloncurry - see the big link at the bottom for photos in that stretch. A6 used to be NR 78.

Cattle tick required area? Clock movement conditions apply.

So, first of all, there's really not a whole lot else to follow right now. Second of all, when I have my next choice (Mt. Isa), why not sign it there instead so I remember the message? Finally, I don't know at all what's patched in the green, but I have the distinct feeling the brown patch is for "THE". Did that really need to be patched?

80 km to Mount Isa.

After a whole lot of nothing, here I am in Mount Isa.

Looking back over my shoulder at an EB sign at Camooweal St. The messaging is all correct, but does A6 really need to be so large? Is A6 really that much more important than A2, which heads to, oh, I don't know, Brisbane? This doesn't even become A6 for another 120 km, so does it need to be on this sign at all?

Same issue on Camooweal St. NB. This is also an older sign (the corners are more rounded, similar to the Business Centre sign above), so it has NH A2 patches over the old NH 2 shields.

Now see, this "Follow A2" sign would have made a lot more sense a few kilometres ago when NR 83 separated from NH A2. Also, here's the lousiest patch job of them all.

Past the site 54 km from Mt. Isa to a spot very near the NT border. Sure enough, NH A2 is on that map. It's not perfect, but this does appear to be the National Highway system.

A6 and NH A2/A6

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