Queensland Roads - A1 - S. of Rockingham

A1 (Bruce Hwy.) south of Rockingham

All photos are northbound.

You're going to see a lot of variations on the A1 pages. Let me just state here that this is A1, not NH A1, so the number should not be in a shield.

The Maryborough bypass is constructed for 4 lanes, but as of 2020 there are still only 2 of them. I don't see a need for more than 2, either.

Wrong shield, wrong order of destinations. Bundaberg should not only be after Childers, it should be in parentheses to indicate a turnoff (via SR 3).

In Bororen. Why is the arrow patched, and so sketchily? What is it hiding?

Older signs up to 40 km from Mt. Larcom.

QLD DOT randomly decided to build an interchange at SR 60 in Calliope. I get the impression the existing intersection had sight distance issues with high speeds on A1, but that could have been solved with some clearing and reconstruction short of a full rebuild. Well, full rebuild is what we have here. In November 2013, A1 is forced down the future ramps and SR 60 is closed through the middle while the overpasses are being constructed, requiring an unwanted detour south or north.

From the perspective of SR 60 NB, being forced left onto A1 NB.

Various views of construction as I reenter the A1 mainline from the future NB onramp.

There's no active dualisation consideration south of Mt. Larcom, but the one railroad overpass is ready for it.

Speaking of Mt. Larcom, go there for old signs.

Still wrong. 40 km to Rockhampton.

Minor widening at the Bajool secret explosives reserve that you didn't hear about from me, just adding some turn lanes. Don't get confused, the 3rd photo looks back south.

QLD gets very bossy. You are required to rest if sleepy - I mean, it's good advice, but how do you enforce this? You must end in 5 km. End... what? It's 5 km to Rockhampton and A1 doesn't end there. (I think this is the end of a measured 5k.)

TD 10 is now SR 4, but this sign may predate state route designations. The fading km designations make me wonder just how old this sign is - it couldn't have been in miles ever, could it? That would be 40 years old by now. Doesn't seem right. Meanwhile, as far as I know this has always been Highway 1 since 1955, so why is that number faded?

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