Queensland Roads - A1 - N. of Home Hill

A1 (Bruce Hwy.) north of Home Hill

A nice long NB truss ride over the Burdekin River south of Ayr.

A1 NB turns left in Ayr. Alphanumerics were around for about 10 years by the time I visited, so there's no excuse for this to still be NH 1.

10 kilometres north of Ayr, QLD DOT built a new railway overpass and widened the approaches to provide some separation between opposing directions for a short while.

The last NB photo on this page, older signs with non-reflective backgrounds approaching Townsville.

All remaining photos are southbound, starting at the north end of A1 in Cairns and heading back toward Townsville.

NH 1... I mean, A1 takes the torch from NR 1 at a hard right in Cairns and leaves town with TD 14, which had been following NR 1 for a long while. I'm not sure where TD 14 goes from here, but it doesn't make sense to me to have it following Highway 1 for so long. Just follow 1.

New sound wall leads to new roadway, new interchange at Murgatroyd Rd. Based on what I saw on a random Thursday midday, I could believe more lanes are needed during rush hour.

This is a new sign, so no excuses for sloppiness. This absolutely postdates conversion of NH 1.

80 minutes after the first photos and an hour after the old alignment, the railway truss crosses the Russell River to my east, south of Mirriwinni.

Shaw Rd., old NH 1, crosses the North Johnstone River to my west.

I'm not complaining about this ancient shield in Innisfail not being patched or replaced. This is Notafail.

I'll complain slightly about the distance sign, though. This railway bridge is over the Tully River to my west.

An old alignment surfaces at the south end of Bilyana.

Leaving Cardwell. This appears to have been a historical NR 1 error for NH 1, that still wasn't patched to become A1. Triple fail, the third being my camera in the fading daylight.

This is not a kangaremu or an wombrella. This is a cassowary, just adding to the number of strange animal warning signs I've found across the country.

Old crossing in Ingham, then nearing Townsville from the north.

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