Queensland Roads - A1 - Rockingham-Home Hill

A1 (Bruce Hwy.), Rockingham to Home Hill

All photos are northbound.

To my west as I cross the Fitzroy River, the Alexandra Bridge (railway).

No matter how many times you repeat it, this is not NH A1, just regular A1.

On the southerly A1 page (link at bottom), I noted that the old TD 10 sign may have predated the designation of SR 4 over the entire loop route. Well, this sign at the northern end of the loop is a lot newer and still omits it. Then again, it has an unpatched NH 1 shield (NH 1 was an actual route, unlike NH A1), so perhaps this assembly is older than I thought. Or the new signs just copied the old messages.

I'd wager all of these signs predate A1, but the first one I consider a treasure. The last photo looks back south.

Hidden railway crossing of Alligator Creek to my right in Milman.

If there was ever a sign I wish they didn't patch correctly, it is this sign. The colour. The font. The exudation of pure senescence.

Keep playing games while driving. It may save your life. That's sure the verb I was thinking. This sounds safe.

There is no NH A1. There is no NH A1. There is definitely no route marker in Australia that is white on green.

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland welcomes you to Sarina. Enjoy the List of Killed on the Great War statue.

I get the feeling QLD cares less and less the farther north one travels. Stop patching the shield entirely, or just slap an A1 patch over the old 1 and call it a day. The last few photos are around Mackay.

Some of the oldest signs along my A1 journey: Farleigh Habana Rd. SB, Yakapari Seaforth Rd. SB in The Leap, NB at Mt. Ossa Seaforth Rd., then Mirani Mt. Ossa Rd. SB. These signs are old enough that I believe the distances were patched over miles, so at least 40 years old as of my 2013 visit.

Plenty more not caring about shields. The first photo is at Shute Harbor Rd. (SR 59 now) and the third is approaching Don St. The second photo is the only time I've seen the route and highway name together on a distance sign.

Just don't.

I call this photo "nap.jpg" because it's Northbound at Abbot Point, so on that note, let's take a break before we get to the next page at Home Hill.

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