Queensland Roads


The Swann Rd. railway overcrossing in Taringa, looking west from Taringa Station.

M1, Bruce Hwy.
M2, Ipswich Mwy.
M7, Ipswich Mwy.
NH 15, New England Hwy.
NR 1, Kennedy Hwy.
NR 13, Mt. Lindesay Hwy.
A1, Bruce Hwy.
~ Former Business 1, Mackay
NH A2, Barkly Hwy.
A6, Flinders Hwy.
Metroad 2
SR 3
SR 10, William Jolly Br.
SR 15, Story Br.
SR 16
SR 20, Walter Taylor Br.
SR 22
SR 26, Hornibrook Br.
SR 30
SR 58
SR 61
SR 63
SR 95
Tourist Drive 1
Misc. Routes

~ Kurilpa Bridge
~ Victoria Bridge

Bridges of Bundaberg
Fingerboard Rd., Miriam Vale-Taunton
Springwood Rd., Underwood
Undara Rd., Undara

Munro St. WB and EB in Babinda. Even when the sign isn't that old, the signals and backplates are.

Queensland Non-Roads
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