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Rue Price NB in Jonquière, the western of the three boroughs of Saguenay and once its own city, over the south channel of the Saguenay River. (The larger north channel is dammed, so this was created for fish spawning.) There's a pedestrian truss bridge to the west, and the last photo looks west from Rue de la Dam Deux.

Continuing east on Rue de la Dam Deux to Route du Pont, crossing back over the river. I can't get close enough to see if the two globes are rotated 180 degrees from each other, or if both of them have Canada facing the NB approach.

Now to Chicoutimi, the central of the three boroughs of Saguenay and also once its own city. This is Blvd. du Saguenay, former QC 372 (original Route 16), EB at Rue Morin. The Boulevard was named after the river, and the three cities decided to name their union after it as well. Unlike many of the other cases around the province (Gatineau, Beauharnois, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to name a few), the new city took a name not shared with any entity making a part of it (and there were other small towns I didn't mention absorbed into the conglomeration).

Pont de Ste-Anne, formerly carrying the eponymous Rue, looking west and north from the south shore of the Saguenay River. It predates the current QC 175 bridge to the west (Pont Dubuc) and was therefore the original QC 175 routing.

Looking north up the bridge. Trying to make time, and maybe feeling lazy, I declined to jog the whole thing.

Looking back south, and then east at the fountain placed by the southern shore.

Nothing says "confidence-inspiring" like a closeup of a rusty truss connection with a dented bar in tension and a bent rail along the pavement. But basically, as long as the bridge can hold itself up, it can hold up pedestrians. It's a good retirement plan in a province that does no maintenance.

I like everything on this page, but I'm dubbing this the Best, and saving it for Last, because it's impossible to argue with that designation. This colorful Pyramide is found on Rue Monseigneur Dufour in La Baie, the eastern of the three boroughs of Saguenay and, like the others, once its own city. I want to note to you that this is not just a red and white striped sculpture. No, sir. Look closely, and you'll see that the structure was assembled out of a bunch of red and white triangles. They were then assembled into larger 8x8 triangles to make this. One more note for the unfamiliar: every single triangle in here is a Canadian yield sign. That turns this from an interesting piece of artwork to one of the premier road attractions in the world. Or, at least, it should. Now you know why I provided the last photo - you have the opportunity to set it as your computer background and astound your road enthusiast friends! It was built to commemorate the 1996 Saguenay River flood, in whatever way 2,940 traffic signs may be considered to commemorate anything other than folly and excess. I want one.

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