Québec Roads - QC 372

WB into Chicoutimi, I mean Saguenay, since the cities up here decided to merge. I'm not even sure QC 372 goes the way I went, on Blvd. de l'Université, since Carl Tessier informs me that Québec officially maintains the old routing staying on Blvd. du Saguenay along the water in its route log. But it would make sense to have the route use a significant length of another provincial route in 175 and otherwise bypass downtown.

This shield is somewhere downtown. It may be on Blvd. du Saguenay near Pont Sainte-Anne (where I had stopped - see Saguenay link below), or it may be after I came back to Rue Price, which I believe to be the modern routing.

Either way, I turn from Rue Price WB onto Blvd. du Saguenay and continue to Route du Pont. Despite the name "Shipshaw," there are almost no English speakers up here. Alma and Roberval both have French origins, although especially Alma could pass for English.

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