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QC 335

QC 335 uses A-440 to the east to jog from its original alignment along Blvd. des Laurentides to take over the northern extension of A-19. Considering that 19 is a surface boulevard through Montréal, I don't see why it couldn't have been an at-grade two-lane expressway north of A-440 instead of coopting QC 335 for that purpose.

One from former QC 335, Blvd. des Laurentides NB at Place Jean-Coutu.

QC 335 NB from A-440 up to QC 344. Right-of-way is clearly wide enough for a four-lane freeway (i.e. an A-19 extension), and 335 even gets freeway-style km posts along this stretch. At QC 344, 335 heads left along what would be the SB onramp from a diamond interchange, and there is plenty of clear space for the other ramps and a freeway passing overhead.

Ignore the ugly font in the first photo. What I'm showing you here is not just an abandoned bridge that would have been part of A-19. I'm showing you three parallel bridges for that purpose. QC 335 follows what would have been the SB C-D road through an A-640 cloverleaf, and there would have been two mainline bridges and a NB C-D road to the east (so these photos, looking to the right, are heading NB). Instead, the two ramps from A-640 to QC 335 NB were never built, instead relying on left turns from what would have been the cloverleaf ramps to A-19 SB, while the NB-EB ramp cuts through its southeastern quadrant in a most undignified manner. Notice the high mast lighting in the 4th photo, which is another indicator that this was planned as a major interchange.

SB across the same overpass, looking left.

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