Québec Roads - QC 321/A-50 construction

QC 321 and Autoroute 50 construction

Côte St-Charles EB nearing A-50 Sortie 205 at this provincial route. The orange and black sheet is a poor disguise for an obvious A-50 shield in waiting. Get used to the squishy QC 321 shields (the right width, but far too short).

Côte des Cascades WB under the A-50 overpass.

Hopping east for a moment, QC 321 NB under its own A-50 overpass.

QC 321 SB, panning from left to right along the route of A-50.

Côte des Cascades swings left as it heads west from QC 321, and the A-50 interchange is straight ahead to the north. Here it is ready to go in September 2011, even though the freeway opening is months away. It's one less thing for the contractor to worry about at the end.

Now heading south across the interchange, with another squishy shield. I wonder why A-50 is signed here and why left turns are allowed, as the road ends at the WB side so the only function would be for a U-turn, and those are even less necessary on an undivided 2-lane road.

Nonetheless, the strangest signage is reserved for the top of the EB and WB A-50 offramps, respectively. In both cases, not only is there another squishy shield, but A-50 is fully signed in both directions! What earthly reason would possess a province to sign the route you just came off, especially when it's straight ahead and such an obvious move should you take the wrong exit? Signing the opposite direction makes little more sense, as I complained above.

Looking west along A-50.

And looking east. Obviously, Québec was not ready to build a divided highway between two sections of undivided 2-lane, but they managed to resolve that issue since September 2011.

The EB offramp and onramp, seen from the overpass.

Across the bridge, the WB offramp and onramp.

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