Québec Roads - QC 317/A-50 construction

The photo atop the page is WB on 7ème Rang north of A-50. This photo is on QC 317 SB at 6ème Rang, which serves the north half of the A-50 interchange (Sortie 187) and then proceeds to dead-end. A-50 Est will be straight ahead once the road opens.

The future A-50 WB offramp is drummed off, but sits paved and ready.

Continuing WB onto the September 2011 beginning of the freeway, with glances over my shoulder back east at the yet-unopened roadway. I guess should Québec ever decide to twin the roadway, they will be blasting the new carriageway through rock, because that's where they left the open side of the QC 317 overpass.

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