Québec Roads - QC 301/148

QC 301 and QC 148/301

Entering Québec at the Rocher-Fendu Dam, holding back the eponymous lake to the west along the Rivière des Outaouais (Ottawa River).

Two photos from the former route of QC 301. The first is at the bottom of the old alignment south of Bryson (with old QC 148), and belongs to a power station along Ch. de Calumet. After a gap where "Old Route 8" has been closed north of Bryson, the second photo is on old QC 301 SB in Campbell's Bay (Rue Leslie) at former QC 148 (Rue Front).

QC 301 NB and, obviously, QC 148 WB. But it would be nice to show both routes together.

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