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QC 247

QC 247 has something no other Québec route can boast, and that's running in another country. For a few hundred metres in Beebe Plain, QC 247 is Rue Canusa and everything on the south side is in Vermont. There's a local crossing at the west end that I suppose VT residents use to stay in their country, but this must get complicated quickly with post-2001 Customs since they enter Canada every time they leave their house.

Are these names English enough for you? This is SB at Chemin Marlington in Applegrove. Hopefully now that's English enough.

Chemin Merrill EB by Fitch Bay near Applegrove, and you will soon see why I was there.

QC 247 once crossed this bridge, the 1881 Pont Narrow. Even that name is English. Photos head east (old 247 south).

Back northwest.

Looking south along Fitch Bay toward Lac Memphrémagog from each end of the bridge.

I leave you with south-facing side views of the bridge and a question: why is the Customs warning on the north side instead of facing arriving VT boaters?

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