Québec Roads - QC 236/A-30 construction

QC 236 and Autoroute 30 construction

On the old route of QC 236 WB in Beauharnois, facing west. QC 236 was realigned to the west of the city to coincide with the construction of Autoroute 30 after my visits. To see this church more clearly, go to Beauharnois Non-Roads.

Looking west along the future WB and EB lanes, respectively, from QC 236 in May 2011.
Now looking east along the EB lanes. There don't seem to be any WB lanes visible to the east from this vantage point.

Fast-forward to August 2012, and I still only have views of the EB side. I assure you that there is a WB side as well on the completed freeway.

QC 236 WB past what had been an at-grade road in 2011 but is now an overpass in the making.

Looking west from there at construction in the distance. A-30 is paved out to where it starts to rise for the Beauharnois Canal crossing. The pier in the "foreground" (it's actually about 600 meters away) will hold up the realignment of QC 236.

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