Québec Roads - QC 235

All photos are northbound.

Right out of the gate, QC 235 tries its best to shake traffic, but those pesky signs keep getting in the way. It dodges left onto Ch. Dutch from Ch. du Morses Line, then makes a quick right at Ch. Benoit. Notice that Bedford has gotten 1 km closer but St-Armand-Ouest remains just as far away. This just makes me want to get there all the more.

There's one more curve with old signs, but there's no cross-street so the signs are of the warning variety. QC 235 finally straightens out a little and gives you the Frankenshield featured at the top of the page. I can't explain what happened - usually, when a sign is falling apart, you get a new one, especially in this condition. The modern chevrons are still white on red, but a lot more angular with a thinner chevron. There are a few posted at this very curve, if you want to visit for comparison.

Heading west on Ch. de Saint-Armand because I am that dedicated to visit St-Armand-Ouest. The Bradley in the second photo leads down to the Vermont border and dead-ends. On the other side, the dead-end is St. Armand Road. You figure out what happened here.

Similar to France, Québec used colors to distinguish route types (and the same colors as those in France), except there are no posted numbers for tertiary routes (District roads in France). Blue for autoroutes disappeared long ago, but there are a lot of remnants along A-10 and its approaches. This photo is courtesy Averill Hecht.

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