Québec Roads - QC 226

QC 226

From Pierreville to a former wye that's now a T, but the wye legs are both partially intact to serve driveways.

A look at former QC 226 WB joining QC 255.

Here's the other leg of the wye from QC 226 to the north on 255.

This is the church of La-Visitation-de-Yamaska. That would make a fine church name, but it's the town name.

And a very friendly town, but even they recognize their name is too long.

A very grand entrance to town if heading west, but I'm leaving it heading east across Rivière Yamaska.

I'm fine with reusing signs - this is now a WB chevron on the other side - but I'm more fine when you can still see the old sign face like this, just east of former QC 161.

Bonus two WB signs, now an EB curve speed and chevron respectively.

From Route du Fraser, heading east out of St-Célestin and across Rivière Bécancour.

Old EB signs. The ones you don't recognize are Route des Pionniers, QC 265, and a side street in St-Édouard.

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