Québec Roads - QC 205/A-30 construction

QC 205 and Autoroute 30 construction

QC 205 SB in May 2011. I've caught the future overpass in a state of undress. That's actually the future A-30 WB offramp, and it's being constructed with geofoam to reduce the amount of fill required and, more importantly, reduce the burden on the soil beneath. Geofoam is more expensive than carting in dirt, but when it's needed, it's needed.

Looking west under the overpass at the future WB and EB lanes.

There's not much to the east - a graded WB roadway, a median ditch, and lumps of dirt on the future EB roadway. I don't know why the two roadways were graded separately, unless I happened to catch construction at the exact point between finishing one and starting the other.

There seems to be even more geofoam here, looking northwest with the overpass beginning at the bulldozer. The future A-30 EB onramp fills up the foreground.

In English, the public-private partnership (a "P3" in industry parlance, shortened recently from "PPP") known as NA 30 begins here. NA 30 is responsible for everything from here west across the St. Lawrence River, including the toll plaza at the new river crossing. Those revenues will help them eventually pay back the construction costs of not just that bridge, but also the Beauharnois Canal crossing and the A-530 interchange.

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