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, Québec City

Crossing A-20 on QC 175 NB, with views of the A-73 St. Lawrence River suspension bridge (Pont Pierre-Laporte) and the QC 175 cantilever bridge (Pont de Québec). QC 175, which has obviously been there for awhile, holds the distinctions of longest cantilever span in the world and easternmost crossing of the St. Lawrence River. (A-73 can at least say it's the longest suspension bridge in Canada, and in terms of world honors, the longest one to remain untolled.)

Over Pont de Québec into Québec City. In the background of the last photo, an exit number is visible on the BGS, as if this were part of A-73. Actually, it was, until 1970 when Pont Pierre-Laporte was opened. A-73 basically began at this bridge and went north until that time, and for whatever reason, Québec never eliminated the former exit number after 40 years.

Pont de Québec en vidéo. Cliquez ici.

On the other side of the city, after A-73 leaves to head west on A-40, QC 175 SB crosses A-40 and magically becomes unsigned A-973, carrying on the Autoroute Laurentienne name. The first photo is on the interchange's C-D road.

Lac Jacques-Cartier, to the east of the highway in Grands-Jardins National Park.

QC 175 construction north of Québec City
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