Québec Roads - QC 175 construction

QC 175 construction

All photos are southbound.

Well over half of QC 175 was dualized when I visited in May 2011, and the other half was in the process of being constructed. These photos start at QC 169 and last for about 15 km until the next completed section. The new SB side has already been constructed to within 1 km of QC 169, and is carrying all traffic while the old road is rehabilitated to become the NB side. It even still has old kilometer posts on it, facing a direction that will never again see them. Based on the last photo, some of the reconstruction is being done on a section that was already dualized.

At the edge of Grands-Jardins National Park, construction starts up once more. Both sides of the road look new, so I'm guessing the old road was on the NB side and has just been rehabilitated, mere weeks from reopening. The seemingly superfluous third roadway in the 5th photo is for a NB rest area.

All this construction, and yet no talk of extending Autoroute 73? There are very few intersections through the National Park, but they're all at-grade, considering how lightly trafficked they are. It's very possible in time that A-73 will bring A-70 into the rest of the Autoroute system, but not in any near-term horizon, so stop dreaming. I believe the arch bridge is brand-new for the future NB lanes, and I would therefore assume there will be an identical one on the SB side. After the bridge, the construction switches from the right to the left, and A-73 begins at QC 371 (see the A-73 page, linked below).

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