Québec Roads - QC 173

QC 173

The only wind-powered Customs station?

Follow the covered bridge sign from QC 173 and head west on 30ème Rue in Notre-Dame-des-Pins. That's not a partial sentence, it's a command. Do it. At 495 feet long (151 meters), Pont Perrault is just a smidge shorter than Pont Marchand on QC 148, the longest in the province. It's also got that really wavy thing going on toward the west shore of the Rivière Chaudière.

Walking much of the way across, certainly up to where the floorboards start dancing. Something tells me this needs more maintenance work than Québec has ever or will ever perform on a bridge to keep it open.

The northward view along the river from midspan.

QC 108's eastern end.

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