Québec Roads - QC 153

All photos taken northbound, starting with the two above, in Shawinigan and Grand-Mère (which means Grandmother, which is a great name for a town).

25ème (25th) Rue (Street). For some reason, signs on mainline QC 153, at least northbound, try to get traffic to split onto 3ème Avenue in Grand-Mère, but not only are there more turns that way, it's not the actual route. I would think the one-way pair of 5ème and 6ème Avenues does an adequate enough job of moving traffic here in the suburbs of Trois-Rivières (such as it has any - Shawinigan is really an independent city in its own right).

NB at 8ème Rue, and then 8ème Rue EB. Signs are anxious to get through traffic out of Grand-Mère and onto the Autoroute bypass (which QC 155 follows from the northern end of A-55 down to St-Célestin), and equally anxious to divvy traffic up yet again. I did not get a chance to explore the alternate route, and I probably don't care to venture out that way again just for curiosity's sake.

Crossing the St-Maurice River into St-Georges-de-Champlain, on a narrow and heavily fortified suspension bridge that was constructed in 1929. Enjoy the steel grate deck (I didn't), without and with center stripe.

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