Québec Roads - QC 143/QC 108/A-410 construction

QC 143, QC 108/143 and A-410 construction

QC 143 meets QC 108 (and not yet QC 147) and takes a ride southwest to the planned Sortie 13 of A-410, which had just opened from Sorties 6-10 when I visited in November 2014. It made it this far a year later and then over QC 108/143 to its current end in 2020.

Was it really necessary to block off U-turning at the interchange roundabouts?

Looking west at the future A-410 mainline and its EB exit ramp.

SB under a railroad nearing Lennoxville.

Another one of those railed roads, but jumping north (and NB) to Drummondville.

Heriot, Brock, and Lindsay are all Rues. These photos are all NB.

QC 143 NB joins A-20 WB for an exit in the midst of a short-lived work zone.

My last stop north is St-Bonaventure. QC 143 turns left at the house.

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