Québec Roads - QC 134/Pont Jacques-Cartier

QC 134 and Pont Jacques-Cartier

Rue St-Thomas NB in Longueuil. There is no error. West is right and east is left, and I'm heading north. QC 134 is signed parallel to the river, something that only happens in French-speaking areas apparently (hi, New Orleans), but in this case river-east is geographic-north, and QC 134 EB is actually doubling back west to cross Pont Jacques-Cartier into Montréal. Factoid of the day: QC 134 is the only route consistently signed east-west where the signed east end is actually west of the signed west end. (I said "factoid" because you'll pull a tiny nothing route out to prove me wrong. I know you.)

Older guide signs on QC 134 EB (heading west) approaching the Pont into Montréal. Just sign it north-south!

Perspectives of the functional yet beautiful steel truss bridge, opened in 1930. At the time this picture was taken, the Cartier had just been completely redecked (see the PJCCI/Les Ponts Jacques Cartier et Champlain Incorporée).

The center lane of the 5-lane span is reversible, and here you're being kept out by chevrons. The warning sign is static and therefore incorrect anytime it's open "east" (west) into Montréal.

The Montréal approach to the bridge, first under construction in 2002, and then in 2007, taken from Rue Notre Dame just before it feeds into A-720.

Looking to the northwest from the same spot in February 2004 (first two photos) and August 2007 (sunrise photo), revealing the beauty and grace of the seemingly utilitarian structure.

Will Robinson, do we have the sign for you. In French, no less.

Click to drive the bridge eastbound!

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