Québec Roads - QC 133/A-35 construction

QC 133 and Autoroute 35 construction

NB under the future A-35 crossing north of Baie Missisquoi, the northeastern reach of Lake Champlain. There's enough room in the middle of the road for separate NB and SB turn lanes at the future diamond interchange.

SB at the same spot.

Looking west and east up the future A-35 SB offramp and onramp. There's a no-ATV/no-snowmobile combo sign at all ramps in the hope that that will deter people from entering. Knowing the Québecois, I doubt it.

Looking east and west up the future A-35 NB offramp and onramp. The snowmobile and ATV are flipped on the restriction sign. Maybe it was a game to see if anyone would notice. Your move, Québec.

QC 133 used to transition straight into A-35 on the east side of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Thanks to construction tying the two new carriageways into the south end of A-35, QC 133 NB now crosses the future freeway on a new overpass to merge into what's currently nothing but will soon be a freeway mainline.

Back in the day, Autoroute signs were blue, and the Cantons de l'Est triangle was in vogue. Actually, this particular Autoroute and its triangles started out as red, before the province changed all Autoroutes to a uniform blue. Québec ultimately abandoned its European color-coding scheme and went to American all-green, but even 30 years later, plenty of blue signs remain, mostly along A-10. I broke the first assembly up into top and bottom photos to give the peeling 133 sign its own minute of fame.

Same deal SB, but a little less peely thanks to the shade.

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