Québec Roads - QC 132 E. of Châteauguay

QC 132 east of Châteauguay

Up the WB ramp to QC 138 EB, Pont Honoré-Mercier. This interchange has seen much better days because Québec doesn't maintain its structures properly.

At the EB merge from QC 138 coming off Pont Honoré-Mercier, it's now A-730 that's just 4 km away, as featured in the second photo with a brand-new Clearview patch over the old "A-30 EST". The first sign assembly never made too much sense, as heading 4 km east to go west on A-30 killed any benefit compared to sticking it out on QC 132/138 through Châteauguay.

Plenty of right-of-way reserved on either side of QC 132 through Ste-Catherine and St-Constant. Must be for Autoroute 30, right? Right, and yet wrong, because A-30 was killed through here and rerouted around the south side of town, opened in late 2012 as soon as Québec was done constructing it. So now there's plenty of ROW for a freeway with frontage roads, as was the original plan, but the land will sit empty for who knows how many years until somehow it's absorbed back into the town.

Continuing EB, an old left turn lane sign not above the lane, and then QC 132 has been tricked out at Rue Principale to leave enough room for a future diamond interchange. I don't get what's happening here, because first of all it's much too close to Chemin St-François-Xavier, and second of all, this won't be A-30 anymore. Maybe it was moved just before the A-30 controversy was finally settled, in which case this S-curve will be a permanent and expensive bug.

On the EB side near the beginning of what's now A-930 (at Rue Principale). No idea what was on the first sign, but the second is for a utility pole set back from the roadway.

QC 132 EB not only gets an exit number at this new interchange (aerial photos still show an intersection), but the exit includes 132 itself! That's Autoroute 30's exit number, as 30 now begins again at A-15. In the future, with that southern bypass I mentioned before, there will be a short length of freeway (currently A-30) connecting QC 132 to A-30 to the east, that looks to be unnumbered. I recommend 430, but Québec chose 930. At least they listened and kept it numbered.

Two WB photos from the forced A-20/QC 132 duplex; Autoroute 20 was meant to follow A-720 on the other side of the river and leave 132 alone (or as Autoroute 430), but 720 was never completed to Autoroute 25. These are westbound, meaning this page is almost over. The first is the Montréal skyline, centered on Stade Olympique, and the second is the strange case of A-20 not just using an exit number to exit itself, but actually borrowing that number from Autoroute 15!

One more, looking EB (facing north) as QC 112 crosses over the A-20/QC 132 freeway, fresh off Pont Victoria.

EB across the Yamaska River from Yamaska.

Continuing east to the Rivière Saint-François crossing into Pierreville. To the left is the remnant of the old QC 132 bridge - it was left in service while the new one was built, and then mostly dismantled - and then an ancient (pre-1910) railroad beyond that. The center piers are quite close together as if forming part of a dam, but I'd have to go back and walk on the riverside to formulate any more theories.

No new theories but some better pier views.

Faraway westbound photos of Autoroute 55 gracefully crossing the St. Lawrence River from Trois-Rivières to Becancour.

Jumping east, WB just past QC 273.

Québec City is important enough to merit two bridges. A-73 crosses the sleek Pont Pierre-Laporte suspension span and the hardy truss belongs to QC 175's Pont de Québec.

WB at Route Lallemand (not l'Allemand, surprisingly) in Lévis, and then an ugly shield at QC 175.

This is the last crossing to bridge the St. Lawrence River, but all it carries is power lines. It heads across Île d'Orléans to Boischâtel on the north side.

WB from Rivière Ouelle all the way to the old QC 132 alignment in St-Michel-de-Bellechasse. Along the way, QC 283 is intersected. It leads to one St-Fabien, but there's another one near Rimouski (well to the east) on QC 132. This one should be "-de-Panet" for clarification.

Côte de la Mer NB from A-20 Sortie 496, coming downhill to end at QC 132 outside Rivière-du-Loup.

EB and QC 291 NB; although QC 291 is heading almost due south into Rivière-du-Loup and is generally an east-west road, it's nominally north-south because it comes toward the St. Lawrence River at an angle. It's basically a northern loop alternative to QC 185/A-85. Click on the first photo for a crackly closeup.

WB from the western edge of Rimouski to the eastern edge of Rivière-du-Loup. Notice how I capitalized "Loup," and how I used the same font throughout this caption, unlike the fourth photo. The third photo looks north as the parallel railroad crosses Rivière Trois-Pistoles south of the eponymous town.

Meanwhile, in Le Bic, you have these EB photos linking the gap of A-20 between here and l'Isle Verte. (The QC 132 Trois-Pistoles bypass is a likely candidate to also become part of A-20, but unlike here, it's not official yet.)

EB in downtown Sainte-Flavie, where QC 132 splits in half with no distinction between branches. That's gotta be difficult to figure out when following directions including "take Route 132 east." It's a complete loop of the Gaspé Peninsula, so at least you'll eventually get where you're going even if you choose the wrong branch. QC 368 also does this on Île d'Orléans, as does QC 169 at Lac Saint-Jean - must be a Québec thing. The church in the background is Presbytères Sainte-Flavie, but I'm having a heck of a time figuring out what the treelike sculpture is on the near side of the intersection. Those silly French Canadians.

Yes, you can junction the road you're on, but only in this rare case. This is WB on the southern QC 132. (They could at least have made it a N-S road from Matapédia to clear things up.)

Same road, WB by the Mont-Joli Regional Airport. There's no better way to interpret this sign than, "Warning, airplanes will land on your road."

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