Québec Roads - QC 132/138

QC 132 and QC 132/138

QC 132 WB on the QC 138 freewaylet that comes out of Montréal and basically ends here. You know it's a freeway because it has an exit panel, even if there's no number.

West of Châteauguay and A-30 construction
~ QC 201 and QC 132/201
~ Autoroute 530 and 530/QC 132/201

Former QC 132, Châteauguay-Kahnawake

East of Châteauguay
~ Autoroute 15 and 15/QC 132
Blvd. d'Anjou EB in Châteauguay.

The same lack of exit number EB, then the split where QC 138 continues north ("east") across Pont Honoré-Mercier into Montréal. That's a pretty poor A-30 patch job, but thankfully it wasn't there for long because A-30 was completed south of St-Constant and Ste-Catherine the next year. (The Châteauguay bypass was already in for decades prior, so I don't know who's coming this far looking for A-30 in the first place.)

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