Québec Roads - QC 112

WB on Rue Peel (QC 112) in Montréal. The old cracked assembly is at Rue Notre-Dame, and may very well have originally had an A-20 shield on top from back when Québec was ambitious and thought it could complete the freeway.

WB at Rue des Irlandais on the part of Montréal east of Canal de Lachine, which essentially makes it its own island.

Turned north at Rue des Irlandais, a short connector to the south frontage road for Autoroute 10, which is where this photo was taken.
Explore Pont Victoria over the St. Lawrence River

Although I had to split the Victoria Bridge off to its own page, I can still show you photos taken from it. These look south at Pont Champlain, A-10/A-15/A-20, and then north at the Montréal skyline and Pont Jacques-Cartier (QC 134).

The new style of wide shields, westbound about to enter the bridge ramps. Notice that even at this late hour, the right lane is a diamond lane for buses. The yellow sign indicates that there is no travel into the city from 3 PM until 7:15 PM on weekdays. By the way, despite the juxtaposition with USA, Québec refers to the city and not the province.

Typical slippery when freezing sign on the indicated duplex.

A-10 Sortie 115 in Magog was under heavy reconstruction when I visited in 2008, apparently to replace bridges and not to alter the elongated traffic circle that is the "northern" end of QC 141. In the first photo, the EB bridge temporarily carries two-way traffic because the WB bridge is closed. The direct ramp to Chemin Miletta, where the A-10 EB entrance is, is closed to keep traffic patterns simple. Thus where the extremely new sign with wide shields meets the extremely old with the named Autoroute trailblazer, both signs aren't looking their best. Kudos to Québec for finding a blue patch for that sign; click for closeup that shows you the detail of the triangular shield. In the second photo, QC 141 SB heads due north to Orford, and then loops around to A-10's next exit (118).

On the east side of Magog, A-10/55 lies right in the middle of QC 112. This was clearly QC 112 first, and the 10/55 freeway was probably built here and around Magog some time after the Sherbrooke bypass was completed. This is between A-10/55 Sorties 128 and 123.

Older WB shields in Magog after QC 141 has had its chance to loop around, and EB shields in Sherbrooke with an ugly street sign and lower case "road".

Newer ugly shields on Rue Belvédère NB in Sherbrooke.

Now east of Sherbrooke, at the former end of A-10, which now ends duplexed with A-55 at the point that A-610 begins. That's a great idea for pork-barrel legislation - change all the route numbers on your federally maintained highways! It necessitated two patches to get all the shields on there, and so the shields don't match up. Also, a VERS and/or TO would be of great help.

Pont Victoria, QC 112 over the St. Lawrence River

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