Québec Roads - QC 105/A-5

QC 105: Autoroute 5 construction

SB between the two segments of Autoroute 5 in September 2011, with travaux (work) well underway. There are more views like this from the cross-streets and freeway itself on the A-5 page, linked at bottom.

NB in August 2012. Now the road looks like a road instead of piles of rock. Again, there are cross-street views on the A-5 page from Chemins Carman and Cross Loop.

Speaking of Ch. Carman, here is its overpass under construction as seen heading south on QC 105. That's the closest I'm getting on this page.

Continuing south to where A-5 picks up again (with some views to the west and north as needed), the southern part of the route has been paved by 2012, although not all the way up to the A-5 stub.

NB to the future divergence of Ch. Valley, just south of the Wakefield bypass, and one view back south. QC 105 will feed directly into Ch. Valley here as A-5 takes over QC 105 to the north, or, to clarify, 105 itself will hop onto 5, and the road currently known as 105 will feed directly into Valley.

SB at Ch. Valley, but instead of looking left at the surface route construction, I look right at the future A-5 heading up and into the hillside.

Formation of the new NB carriageway across Chemin Valley's valley and Rivière la Pêche, a tributary of the Gatineau.

Same area, SB, with the old QC 105 Rivière la Pêche bridge visible to the right and likely to be demolished soon.

QC 105 has some more travaux north of Wakefield for the future A-5 tie-in. The contractor apparently used Series E font for this SB sign and then stretched the shield around it, rather than start with the shield and fit the numbers using something less garish.

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