Québec Roads - QC 105 - N. of Gatineau

QC 105 north of Gatineau

SB along the west shore of the Gatineau River, passing Chemin Old Chelsea in, well, current Chelsea. There are some very English names around these parts.

NB at Chemin Scott in Gleneagle (also in Chelsea), and Ch. Scott EB at that spot.

Old QC 105, Ch. Riverside, NB in Wakefield. That first 366 shield may date to when this was still a provincial route. The last photo looks north from that intersection at the back side of the SB junction signage with obviously recycled shields.

Ch. Marks WB, west of Wright. Signs on QC 105 promise a covered bridge this way, but it was just replaced with this. Don't bother detouring; in fact, go grab yourself a genuine covered bridge trailblazer while you're out there.

I came this way to see a bridge, so dammit, I'm taking photos and you can suffer with me. At least it has some sort of superstructure.

SB from Messines to Gracefield. More like Vachefield, am I right? Hello?

If you want your covered bridge fix, head up to Grand-Remous, just shy of QC 117, and turn onto Chemin Pont Rouge (Red Bridge Road, a dead giveaway). This is Pont Savoyard, 104 meters long and built in 1931.

The view to the south and west along the Gatineau River.

A little cove tucked away against the road to the northwest of the bridge where a creek feeds in from Lac Darby and Lac à François.

Looking north along the river.

And back south at the bridge.

Click for a video heading back north across Pont Savoyard.

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