Old QC 148, Gatineau

Former QC 148, Gatineau

EB at Pont Champlain (one of many around the province), which leads to Island Park Drive in Ottawa if you turn right. However, if you go straight, I am led to believe there is maple syrup or, at minimum, the essence of Canada, its very sustaining nectar. Well, actually, yes, that's maple syrup.

EB at Blvd. St-Joseph, the former beginning of QC 105 (which is at least truncated to modern 148, but may begin all the way up at A-5). When this was still QC 148, this was in Hull, not Gatineau.

Now WB on Blvd. Taché. Supplementary "km/h" panels were erected in the 1970s when Canada changed from English units to metric units, and the cut-corner font on the "50" confirms that this assembly dates that far back.

WB across Pont Lady Aberdeen from Gatineau into... well, it was Hull, but it's now also Gatineau. The EB side is obviously the original span.

Current QC 148

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