Québec Roads - Misc.

Misc. Photos

Ugly new shields in Val-Bélair, which just became part of Québec City in 2002 and thus needed to replace whatever was old and good to celebrate.

Former QC 161 south from QC 226 and across Rivière Noire. QC 161's northern reach was decommissioned when A-55 was extended south from their junction to A-20.

QC 216 EB turns onto Rue Galt in Sherbrooke. What could possibly be below a right arrow?

QC 269 SB leaves QC 108 in La Guadeloupe and then turns right. Why would you sign that as a junction?

A unique warning version ahead of an all-way stop on 10ème Ave. at 150ème Rue in St-Georges, and then 175ème Rue EB in the same city.

Rang St-Charles NB paralleling the southern reaches of A-73 on up to Route Fraser by Beauceville.

Another old(er) sign, Chemin Fitchett EB at Chemin Vail near Cowansville.

Rue St-Édouard WB crossing Rue Lindsay at the unique signal setup in Drummondville. The building is the Centre de Services Scolaires des Chênes, serving public schools despite the cross over the door.

Do you really want people paying attention to your children in this manner? This could be your child, but I question the intent of that statement based on the graphic. Gawk at the sign but leave those poor kids alone on 4ème Ave. SB in Notre-Dame-des-Pins.

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