Québec Roads - Ch. Ste-Hyacinthe/A-50 construction

Chemin Sainte-Hyacinthe (Montebello) and Autoroute 50 construction

Heading west from QC 323, Ch. Ste-Hyacinthe crosses a 19th-century (at best) stone bridge. The road remains dirt all the way across.

Looking back east at the entirety of the bridge.

WB at the promised Autoroute 50 construction, and looking north. The photos have one thing in common - the same overpass, which will eventually take Ch. Ste-Hyacinthe under A-50.

So when Côte St-Hyacinthe intersects Côte St-Hyacinthe (should be Ste, anyway), where do you turn? Well, the cross-street that I'm on is supposed to be Chemin, so that would have helped. Still, this is one of the perils of naming two streets similarly.

Continuing west, now with A-50 on the south side. The culvert in the last photo is too high up to be of any use for water and too small to carry vehicles, so my best guess is that it's going to be for wildlife. It could also double as someone's driveway, for all I know.

Onto current and future Autoroute 50

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