Québec Roads - Ch. Malo, Thurso

Chemin Malo, Thurso

WB from Montée Papineau to the Petite Nation River and its eponymous rapids/falls. The warning sign is something out of the '50s or early '60s and is a notable sight anywhere in Canada. They don't make cars like that anymore...

Looking off the south side of the bridge at the rapids/falls. "Chutes" typically means "falls," but it's more loosely applied than in English, and covers ambiguous cases as seen here. "Rapides," though, is equivalent to its English counterpart.

Left and right sides of Montée du Gore NB at Ch. du 4 Rang du Gore, which extends Ch. Malo west of the falls. The arrows are used to clarify an offset intersection that rounds a curve before sprouting off a new road (7ème Rang), so that there's a need to show what's left and left versus left and straight. I really find the street sign arrow amusing, as it breaks through its boundaries and hangs loose in the air. As for the arrow sign, it should be yellow instead of white but I can't tell if it's really old and faded or just somewhat old and born white.

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