Québec Roads - Blvd. Newman, Montréal

Boulevard Newman, Montréal

EB at Ave. Labatt, yes, that Labatt, and WB at Ave. Dollard.

WB at Rue Lapierre at the north end of the LaSalle neighborhood. The use of the yellow ball to end the green arrow is unusual - that's the same yellow used to end the standard green phase - and the color of the pedestrian should be white, not sickly green.

Saving the best for last, EB and WB at the same intersection. These triangular shields, seemingly only found for this one Autoroute (A-10), are becoming increasingly rare. Apparently they were originally red, as one example in Magog survived into the late 2000's, but they became blue with the standardization of highway signs in the 1960s. You may still see green ones on signs, but never standalone. The route from here is to make a left on the end to Blvd. de la Vérendrye, which merges into A-20 just before meeting A-10. A lot of signs around Montréal pointing to A-10 actually first lead to A-20, but then again, that's the best access for any place south of Pont Champlain.

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