Québec Roads - A-955

955/is the loneliest Autoroute/that you'll ever do.

Alternate title for A-955: They killed A-51 for this?? A-55 was originally supposed to head straight southeast from Trois-Rivières (Québec is oriented around the SW-NE St. Lawrence River), along this path, and then south along QC 116 to Richmond before meeting its current alignment. North of Richmond, A-51 continued to Drummondville, and was intended to follow QC 143 to Pierreville. For some reason, the stub that is now A-955 never even made it to QC 116, let alone to Richmond. A-51 was never extended either, so A-55 just swallowed it up. North of Richmond, A-55 had been a Super-2 like 955, but was gradually dualized. Well, I just unfairly generalized - A-955 is still full of at-grade intersections, very much below the standards of a Super-2 freeway. As you see in the photo above, all it does is keep the ROW warm for a four-lane divided freeway. Given that A-955 will not be extended/completed in the foreseeable future, and given the efforts to fully dualize A-55, it's a pretty safe bet A-955 will be the last remaining Autoroute with an ARRET (STOP) sign (to say nothing of at-grade intersections) long after the others are completed. Well, A-19 is probably also going to stand pat.

Rue Principale WB at the southern end of A-955 west of Victoriaville.

Extra-wide shield, the modern fashion, SB just past QC 122 approaching Rue Principale, which is the original 122. The modern one bypasses St-Albert and Victoriaville to the north.

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