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Autoroute 73 extension construction

For all the effort Québec put into extending Autoroute 73, I'm intrigued that it only made it as far as QC 204. This photo looks south from 204 at just plain farmland, the intended path of A-73 SB to at least tie back into QC 173 beyond St-Georges. But it doesn't. It ends awkwardly here and requires traffic to backtrack west into town to continue south, rendering the extension relatively worthless.

A-73 NB begins from the QC 204 roundabout. If A-73 is indeed extended south as planned, this may become the first roundabout on the mainline of an Autoroute (and not a terminus). The warning sign was covered at least until 2018 and may still be covered, so I have no idea what I should be afraid of.

The other interesting aspect to the A-73 extension is that the southern half of the extension was built first, leading to an isolated section of A-73 existing in 2014 up to Sortie 48 at 74e Rue. Why, who knows. The 3 km advance warning is literally just around the bend from the deer warning sign in the previous photo.

All that flat snow to my left as I'm forced off Sortie 48 is the future NB onramp. The last photo looks ouest at the unopened 74e Rue overpass.

Since the road isn't open yet (until 2016), the best I can do is to get under it, so this is Rte. Bernard west, the first undercrossing north of Sortie 48.

Some northward views from there.

Super wide shield on the next road north, 20e Rue EB from QC 173.

Two northward and two southward views from the 20e Rue overpass of future A-73.

Along Route Fraser, the new overpass is still in the making, so I view the progress at ground level EB.

Not really a whole lot to see looking north and south, but that's what 2014 looks like for a 2016 road.

Turned around back west on Route Fraser.

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