Québec Roads - A-73

Autoroute 73

A-73 NB with A-40 EB. A-40 was supposed to continue west from Sortie 142, which is why the "EST" is missing from this sign and the one below. In that case, the A-73 multiplex would have been half the current length.

A-73 southbound

A-73 extension construction

The Saguenay patch covers "Chicoutimi" after the cities up there (La Baie, Jonquière, and others) merged under one name. The Boul. W.-Hamel patch I have less of an idea about, since that has been the name of QC 138 for decades.

Sortie 141 to QC 138
Sortie 142 to Autoroute 40
Pont Pierre-Laporte (A-73) on Steve Anderson's montrealroads.com
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