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Autoroute 720

A-720 is what happens when you can't quite finish your Autroute. A-20 follows QC 132 on the east side of the St. Lawrence instead, and if the piece of freeway connecting A-720 to A-25 is ever constructed, we'll find out whether A-20 goes back to its originally intended alignment, or whether the whole link becomes part of 720. I'd prefer the first case.

A-720 EB crossing under A-720 WB. As seen on the A-20 page, from Sortie 64 (QC 138) until A-15, A-20's eastbound lanes are north of the westbound lanes. I think the only purpose this serves is to make the A-15 interchange more spectacular, but anyway, since 20 now follows QC 132 on the east shore of the St. Lawrence River, A-720 has to undo the damage its parent did.

Snazzy light-up signs permeate A-720's tunnels, but can be difficult to get photographs of. The one I did get comes upon exiting the eastern tunnel. Sortie 7 is for Ave. Papineau and Pont Jacques-Cartier, QC 134, because even though A-720 ends right here and transitions to grade level, there are no left turns in the necessary places.

Rue St-Jacques EB (Montréal east, which is really closer to north) at Rue Cathédrale. The Sortie 5 onramp (4 and 5 make a pair in opposite directions) is just to the right, but the off-font construction sign is overkill. Just follow the shield (and then follow my video down that onramp). Straight ahead, A-10 is reached by turning right on Rue University.

Freeway ends, French-style, at Rue Panet. Time to replace the sign when it has three different yellows on it, or maybe let it sit around several years because this is Québec.

Technically off the end of A-720, Rue Notre-Dame WB (facing south) just before the freeway begins, looking up at Pont Jacques-Cartier and QC 134. These photos go here because the 134 page has plenty already; you can always see those by clicking the convenient link below.

One bridge closeup, EB.

Rue Notre-Dame EB through parkland that was reserved for the full width of Autoroute 20. It would have started curving northward near the railroad overpass to tie into Avenue Souligny at the military base, on up to the now-overpowered A-25 interchange.

Curiosity reigns on Ave. Souligny, which is km-posted despite not being a signed route. The 14.4 is very clearly an extension of the distances along A-720, but even though this was built as part of the same freeway as 720, the plan was for it to become 20. Considering this is a relatively new sign, it seems that when plans fell through to complete A-20, the secret alliance was changed over from 20 to 720 rather than simply downgrade the route. Be that as it may, there's still no reason to measure distance along a short stub.

Drive the A-720 EB tunnel from the Sortie 5 onramp

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