Québec Roads - A-610

Autoroute 610

I will use these EB photos to explain the history of A-610. In the first photo, you see the Sortie 7 tab tacked onto the sign that's otherwise been stripped bare. That's because this was originally Autoroute 10's Sortie 150. A-10 traveled through the forested scenery east of Sherbrooke for the 10 or so kilometers that are now A-610, but it's unclear whether it was ever intended to go farther. With the renumbering, that's probably not happening, acknowledging 610 as a spur route instead of a stub (the same process that was applied to Autoroute 955. For four years, A-10 ended at QC 216 before being extended as a Super-2 freeway (with climbing lane, as you see). Note that in Canada, the hospital H is green, not blue.

Coming back in the WB direction, the 7% grade is extremely steep by American standards (4 is the norm, 5 is an exception and 6 is a rarity on Interstates). The new A-610 sign (as all are) with wide shields is one of the only abbreviated errorlike signs in the province - it should be VERS (TO in English) QC 216. Final two notes: river sign is white on black, but I'm pretty sure that's not a standard; with the redesignation of A-610, A-10 now ends multiplexed with A-10 like the last photo (with Canadian green lane lines) says, instead of ending at A-55 to the west (which would orphan both this and A-410 in Sherbrooke).

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