Québec Roads - A-540

Autoroute 540

Until 2012, there were two Autoroute 540s, a short but important connector between A-20 and A-40 west of Montréal and a seemingly duplicative western link in Québec City. This page is for the latter one that remains, since the former is now part of A-30. All photos are southbound.

The A-40 overpass looks Modernist as I enter A-540 from it.

An old railroad overpass before Chemin Ste-Foy. There's no Autoroute 940, so why have ever duplicated Montréal's numbering? (Same goes for the two A-440s, when there's 840 open.)

That's it for this short route, which seems to me far less critical a link to have built compared to the intended path of A-40 (now an airport in the way) or A-440 (unpopular to bespoil historic downtowns with freeways). It feeds directly into both the QC 175 and A-73 bridges across the St. Lawrence, which you can see at the links below.

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