Québec Roads - A-530/old A-30/QC 132/QC 201

Autoroute 530, former Autoroute 30, and 530/QC 132/QC 201

QC 132 and 201 used to follow Chemin Larocque into the heart of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, but with the narrow streets and high traffic volumes, the two routes now opportunistically hitch a ride along A-530 (formerly the western segment of A-30) to the east side of the city. Overpasses are ready for this to be a full four-lane freeway, because as the third photo says, A-30 is closer than it appears (like a truck in your side mirror - what a sense of humor!). Of course, now that the current plans have gone through, that sign should have had a 530 shield instead.

A full westbound ride on the western stretch of A-530/QC 132/QC 201 in 2014, still only 2 lanes but now widening to a dualized 4 lanes at Blvd. des Erables (also being improved, 10th photo) and the west end. I guess it's cheaper than doing it the whole way, but traffic warrants it and it doesn't solve this being an at-grade Autoroute.

WB views on the triplex stretch, ending at the same overpass you saw above.

The end of the triplex as QC 132/201 breaks off toward the east of Valleyfield. QC 201 then heads straight back west across the top of the city, limiting the savings afforded by the bypass. The future A-530 WB lanes take shape straight ahead.

Looking north as I head west into the sunset, this will become the future EB onramp from QC 132/201 to A-530.

Looking EB along the A-530 construction to the east.

WB along the EB lanes briefly as permitted by construction, then shunted off again onto the southern frontage road.

EB on the other side of the freeway trip, again forced onto the south frontage road.

Heading west from a temporary crossover along the south frontage road, which is named Ch. du Canal despite the nearest canal being miles away. (It's possible A-530, née 30, was built on a former canal.)

Eastbound photos on that stretch and on east past the crossover.

Ch. du Canal WB east of the crossover (visible in the second photo).

Looking east from the crossover, which I believe will be temporary.

WB on the northern frontage road, which I believe is actually the route once followed by two-lane, at-grade A-30 (some Autoroute), and then looking west as we head south on the crossover.

EB at what has been the eastern end of the western A-30 segment, although A-530 now continues as a 4-lane freeway past here to an interchange with completed A-30, and facing south at the same intersection. This is Blvd. Pie-XII in what was once St-Timothée but has been taken over by Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Everything changes in Québec nowadays.

Blvd. Pie-XII SB with a closeup of the old QC 132 shield. The A-30 shield is somewhat newer but won't be around for long with the A-530 changeover nigh. Not sure if the 132 shield will remain, but it's unlikely because one new shield breeds another.

This is why it will be so sad if the the 132 shield disappears. Route 29, on the back, is now QC 344, which has, or at least had, several recycled shields of its own from the "Route"/black-on-white days. These are fast disappearing.

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