Québec Roads - A-5/QC 105/366

Autoroute 5 and A-5/QC 105/QC 366

Interesting rock formations on the right upon entering the province from Ontario.

NB down a substantial rock cut to the northern end of contiguous A-5 in 2007. Unlike in the United States, there's no requirement for the Autoroute system to connect, so there's another piece of A-5 around La Pêche. At some point, the two will be connected.

Looking to the left at the warning reflectors, to the right at the FIN (END) assembly, and then back left at the end of pavement. This is no dead stub.

In fact, by 2011, another 2.5 km of highway opened, extending A-5 past Sortie 21 and Chemin-des-Pins (a town, not a street). The new end looks different than the old one, not the least because instead of following an exit ramp, the mainline just ends and turns hard right to get onto QC 105. The continuation will just be straight ahead from there.

More sign rot, NB at the end of the Wakefield bypass that is technically the northern, discontinuous segment of A-5. The construction photos you're about to see are for finally linking A-5 as a single route.

A-5 SB, carrying QC 105 SB and QC 366 WB, over the hill from the beginning to the end west of Wakefield. (The whole bypass is 2 km long.) Future A-5 awaits in the distance.

Continuing south along QC 105, there's a turnoff for Chemin Carman that crosses the future alignment. As of September 2011, here's the progress to the north (second photo) and south (last two photos). A-5 is still being graded, and the pile of dirt straight ahead on Ch. Carman will eventually become an overpass.

2011 construction is more advanced at the next street to the south, Chemin Cross Loop, because there will be an interchange here. The overpass is well on its way to being formed.

Now in August 2012 as part of the Ottawa Road Meet, Chemin Carman's pile of rocks is still there, along with the rock cut to the south. Grading seems to have progressed, and some of the largest gravel piles to the south have been used up, but there's not much to report looking left. (All of the rock removed from one section of the project was used in another section as fill - or, in the worst case, transported over to Autoroute 50 for its needs.)

On the other hand, there's now an overpass taking shape on the right. So if this much progress has been made here, what's the deal at Cross Loop?

Well, it seems I suddenly have a much better vantage point, heading west and looking north at the other side of the rock cut I saw from Ch. Carman. In other words, the overpass was completed, and there's the NB onramp taking shape to the right.

Closer views of the onramp and rock cut.

Looking east along the north and south sides of the new Ch. Cross Loop overpass.

Views of the future SB onramp.

A-5 to the south, almost up to the current end.

A-5 construction along QC 105
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