Québec Roads - A-35/QC 133

Autoroute 35 and 35/QC 133

A-35 doesn't begin until several kilometers north of the VT border and I-89, rising out of QC 133 as the Iberville Bypass and then continuing northward to A-10. Plans have been in the works for a long time to connect southward to 89, running through farmland and around towns, and along with the new pushes that are getting A-30 and A-50 built, this is finally coming to fruition.

Skipping the QC 133 overpass construction (see big link at bottom), this is Montée Lacroix NB/WB in St-Alexandre. The dirt piles are on the left, and the ruts are on the right.

Looking north from the end of Montée Lacroix at Montée de la Station.

Ch. de la Grande Ligne WB from QC 227, and looking south along future A-35 and its NB offramp.

Now looking north. In the first photo, the distant overpass to the right carries A-133 NB onto the freeway. This was formerly a direct connection, so the overpass there is just as new as the one I'm standing on.

QC 133 will provide the movements to and from the north on A-35, so the only ramps at Ch. de la Grande Ligne are the aforeseen NB offramp and this SB onramp.

Fast-forward to late 2014 and drive the new A-35 south (opened in October) with me, as far as it extends as of this caption (2021) to QC 133 at Sortie 15. The stub ahead ends just after the intersection, but it is just two committed contracts away from completion to the border.

The southern end of A-35 before construction began, after an at-grade intersection and just before a traffic light. Once the freeway opens, where this sign was will be along just plain QC 133 as it exits the St-Jean-sur-Richelieu bypass.

A-35/QC 133, SB and NB respectively, at the eastern QC 104 exit (104 and A-35 are multiplexed for a time, during which 35 runs E-W, and 133 silently follows along for an exit). Here you can see the original arrow-within-exit-tab practice. In this case, a number was patched over what was most likely a blank (the other possibility is that the freeway was originally numbered as if it would be completed to I-89, but I doubt that exit numbers go that far back). Now there's a new patch needed because this has become Sortie 39 in anticipation of the extension.

Older and thus smaller photo of mine, 35/133 northbound at the same exit.

An old exit listing sign SB on A-35 (QC 104 EB) a few miles north of Iberville (now part of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu). The reflective background is peeling badly.

SB and NB respectively at the western QC 104 exit, and thus the western end of the multiplex. The information on the two signs is the same, right down to the giant dot separating destinations. In the U.S., those are always on separate lines, but Québec occasionally opts to save space with said dot.

Cute crosswinds! SB just south of A-10.

QC 133 and A-35 construction
QC 227 and A-35 construction

Sortie 11-E to QC 223
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