Québec Roads - A-31/QC 131

(QC 131)

QC 158 EB and onto the A-31 ramp. All A-31 does is connect A-40 to Joliette, so each destination is signed from the other end. 158 itself gets to bypass the city, and QC 131 completes the bypass to the east and north; the entire thing was once signed as part of A-50, so even if the plans have been dropped for the time being, don't think they're dead for good. All of A-31 is also QC 131. To get back to the photo, all of these shields are too wide, and the second 31 shield needs a new font.

A-31 ends just past A-40 and a diamond interchange, meaning that technically A-31 is yet another Autoroute with cross traffic. QC 131 continues on to Lavaltrie, ending at QC 138 and the St. Lawrence River.

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